SEL learning impact in 10 days

District Zero is a CASEL-aligned web check-in service for teachers and students.

Current assessment tools produce low response rates and fragmented student data. This causes teacher burn-out and classroom attrition.

District Zero helps teachers rebuild connection with students, delivering self-awareness and self-management SEL skills impact within 10 days. In turn, improving student agency and outcomes.

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Average increase in mood
*after 15 days of use
Learner Growth
  • 453%
    Average increase in emotion expression
  • 1,500%
    Average increase in SEL exploration
  • 1,726%
    Average increase in blocker expression
Natural Language Processing
strings, emojis, and punctuations processed
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We've done the leg work behind each question. No survey takes longer than 60-90 seconds to complete.

Gather insights around today's lesson plan or the semester program. Now supporting Google Classroom rosters and classes. Read our research white paper.


Rest assured as your student completes check-ins and explores mood data. Explore alongside to empower emotion management and self-awareness within 10 days.

If any risk words or phrases are detected, you will immediately receive an email alert with details.


Student Learners respond to surveys on District Zero because each response is analyzed immediately and prescribes research-based content.

Leaders and invited secondary Leaders are able to explore suggestions generated or add resources of their own to strengthen individual and group discussions.


Your school district or organization may be aligned to use District Zero for population-wide SEL impact.

Recommend District Zero to your administrator today to accelerate our mission of giving whole learner capabilities to 85% of students in the US by 2025.


SEL Impact with the academic learning science to back it up.

“The product as of July 2021 has features and design that likely lead users to engage in evidence-informed activities and experiences to improve learner self-awareness and the classroom's emotional climate.”

Dr. Kripa Sundar, PhD
Founder, EdTech Recharge
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“District Zero’s emotional learning tool gives leaders actionable insights and solutions to help learners who may be struggling.”

Rick Echevarria
VP Sales & Marketing, Intel Corporation

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“Through the use of machine learning and cloud-based sentiment analysis, District Zero provides actionable solutions to help regain focus, motivation and grit.”

Rachel Dreikosen
SLED Midwest, Intel Corporation

“In a pandemic year, I learned so much in the two week period that I was working with District Zero, from my students, because the platform was pulling the identifiers and helping guide them through the blocker resources."

Peter Hostrawser
Business Teacher, Amos Alonzo Stagg High School

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“Their ethos is about removing blockers to get to your goals. Sometimes you need help figuring out those goals... After our meetings I feel like the path has straightened out and I'm reminded of where I'm trying to go."

Natasha Price
Product Designer, Atomic D

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Common Questions

We have you covered.

Send any questions to
How can District Zero be used alongside tools like Panorama Education and RULER app?
We highly respect formative assessment tools like Panorama and RULER which gather student mood and SEL data. However, we've found these tools take up too much classroom teaching time and result in low performance response-rates from student expressions. District Zero works in the nuances of the student's day and does not take up teacher class-time. This allows teachers to gather high-performance rich student voice from the wee hours and apply to class instruction as early as the next class period. Try using current tools like RULER to benchmark the success of District Zero.
How does District Zero save me time or help me perform better as a teacher?
Some of our most innovative teachers are avid users of online survey forms, data spreadsheets, and even 'ctrl+F' for risk detection discovery. However, this practice consumes an hour or more per day and draws the teacher into negative reinforcement tendencies, moving further away from positive and abundant mindset facilitation. By replacing this entire process of fragmented check-ins, teachers are able to move to a more organic learning environment that is empowered by empathic data and puts the student in the driver seat of their own learning. Administrators are able to rest assured knowing the data is consistent and actionable.
What is the simplest and lowest friction way to implement District Zero at our school?
Any leader on campus can start building connection with their students. Start with classroom URL invites or sync Groups directly with Google Classroom rosters to auto add/remove students. We've learned that it's best administering from the top of the school to increase student trust. Take the time to inform your campus that your culture will be data-driven and will reduce assumption bias. Principals can start check-in delivery with students and add guidance/advisory leaders to hand-off the process when comfortable, usually around the 30-45 day mark. Teachers can start with classroom periods and add social/guidance secondary leaders for support triage.
Who has access to check-in response and alerts data on District Zero?
The trust relationship is built directly between the Leader and the Learner, once a secure invitation has been accepted to join a group. No other individual has access to this identified data, survey responses, or risk alerts. All data dashboards available for principals and Leaders display groups which they have access to. No data on the population dashboard is identifiable or calls out any one individual on campus. If a Leader converts a member of a Group to become a secondary Leader, the newly appointed Leader gains access to Learner check-in schedules, reports, alerts, and content suggestions. Read our privacy policy.
How do you define 'blocker'?
Our definition of a blocker is the following: a blocker is anything that stops or slows down the delivery of human achievement, or acts as a hurdle, impediment, or issue for the human. Blockers can be emotional, physical, or environmental.
Why doesn't the platform allow custom forms?
When multiple organization teachers use their own language, punctuation, and question types, the data is fragmented at the organization level. Similar to an experiment, increasing variables and reducing controls, yields data that is difficult to transform and measure. Our approach to solving this, is continuously releasing, high-performant and science-backed templates, for hybrid K-12 teachers, vocational instructors, and home-schooling parents. Explore our over 20 templates available now or suggest a survey type we haven't considered.
What is the short-term and long-term student impact from the use of District Zero?
Our leadership team has spent over 20 years across technology development, academic learning science engineering, and public education. We believe it's more important than ever to show transparency of impact and how we plan on reaching longterm milestones through our platform. In our recent white paper, the current platform promises student self-awareness and improved emotional climate in the classroom. Over the next 3 years, the platform will improve learner behavior, reduce mental health concerns, improve academic performance, increase inclusive classroom environments, and build SEL competencies for life. Read academic white paper.
How can we apply ESSER funds to the implementation of District Zero?
District Zero software including student surveys, SEL platform, and Student Success platform is an allowable use under CARES Act Section 18003(d)(9), CRRSA Act Section 313(d)(9), ARP Act Section 2001(e)(2)(K). Questions on how District Zero meets federal funding requirements? Contact our team at
How does District Zero connect with my student's mental health professional or social worker?
Primary leaders are able to invite any secondary Leader to support a group or specific student. When appropriate, add your student's authorized mental health provider, via email invitation or secure url link available for any group. Make sure to assign their role via "Make Leader" once they have accepted your invitation and have joined the group. Upon acceptance, the mental health provider will have access to all historical reports, active risk alerts, and content resource suggestions. Most recently, we have released check-ins for Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to support mental health professionals on District Zero. Learn more about DBT here.