Transforming Mentorship in Medical Schools

DistrictZero, teaming up with premier institutions like Loyola University Stritch, is transforming medical mentorship to combat burnout. Our innovative 'Agenda Generator' elevates productivity, complementing our EI check-in platform with AAMC-aligned surveys. This breakthrough tool streamlines planning for attending physician mentors, enriching mentor-mentee engagement and fostering deeper understanding and empathy, one generated prep tool at a time.

Platform Values:

• Mentor Preparation:
With the 'Agenda Generator,' Attending Physician mentors save up to an hour on prep, focusing more on meaningful student interventions.

• EI-Driven Connections:
Enhance the depth and quality of mentor-mentee relationships with tools grounded in Emotional Intelligence.

• Customized Residency Pathways:
Utilize EI insights for personalized and effective residency guidance, tailored to each student's unique journey.
Learn more with our EI Integration White Paper.
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Community Testimonials

Discover the real-world experiences and success stories from esteemed educators, students, and administrators who have embraced DistrictZero's transformative approach in education.
"We benchmarked our progress alongside RULER, recognizing improved student communication, reduced campus suicide/bullying risks, and a large reduction of department assumption bias. As a leader, my assumptions were also validated through the de-identified impact dashboard.."
Chloé S.
Bilingual School Administrator
"In a pandemic year, I learned so much in the two week period that we worked with DistrictZero in our classroom. The platform quickly detected difficult phrases, supported students through their blocker resources, and produced all new student connections in the hallway."
Peter H.
Business Educator
"DistrictZero brings together social- emotional learning, design thinking, and agile development in a simple tool that leverages data to enhance learner emotional well-being and teacher-student relationships."
Dr. Kripa S., PhD.
Adult Learning Researcher

Key Features: Combating Burnout in Medical Education

Explore how DistrictZero's innovative approach, grounded in Emotional Intelligence and advanced technology, uniquely addresses burnout and enhances the medical educational experience.

AAMC-aligned Automated  Check-ins

Scheduled surveys designed for modern resident outcomes.

Discussion Agenda Generator (*Beta)

On-demand agendas to reduce note-taking and unlock intervention convos.

Modern Medical Edu Learning Content

Suggested mentee-content and mentor-resources to improve empathy.

EI Analytics for Road-to-Residency

Privacy-focused emotional-intelligence (EI) insights based on trusted academic models.

Our Expert Team

DistrictZero is driven by a diverse team of world-class technologists, esteemed researchers, and healthcare professionals, collectively advancing the frontier of medical education.

Dr. Elle Yuan Wang, PhD.

AI Engineering Researcher
(Fractional Advisor)

Natasha Price

Product Designer

Uzair Hussain

Founder CEO, CTO

Rayyaan Nauman

Software Engineer

Dr. Kripa Sundar, PhD.

Adult Learning Researcher
(Fractional Advisor)

Arnit Gashi

Software Engineer

TK Kader

SaaS Go-to-Market
(Strategic Advisor)

William Wilson

General Counsel