Reduce Burnout in MedEd with EI-driven mentorship

DistrictZero has partnered with Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine, to transform medical mentorship and combat burnout with the use of emotionally-intelligent (EI) competencies. Request a FREE 3-step guide below and schedule a time to strategize for your campus.

• Improve Mentee Wellbeing

• Improve Mentor Time-savings

• Improve Residency Placement Outcomes
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Real-world experiences and success stories from esteemed educators, students, and administrators who have embraced DistrictZero's EI-driven approach in education.
“While discussions on wellness and burnout are frequent in our circles, they often focus on the efforts physicians should make to reduce burnout. However, a critical question remains from physicians: What systems are being implemented by management to aid in enhancing physician well-being and reducing their workload? The agenda generator exemplifies such a system, effectively lightening the time and effort burdens of academic physicians.”
Dr. Trent Reed, DO, CHSE, FACEP
Chair, Leischner Department of Medical Education
Loyola University, Stritch School of Medicine, Chicago
“What makes DistrictZero’s approach unique is that it is not just about access. It also creates efficiencies, increases engagement and utilizing advanced technology. AHA sees DistrictZero as a culturally relevant solution that can be scaled to address key health issues like stress and anxiety, which are directly linked to cardiovascular disease, across the nation.”
Mark McCoy
Senior Portfolio Manager, Social Impact Fund (SIF)
The American Heart Association
"DistrictZero brings together social- emotional learning, design thinking, and agile development in a simple tool that leverages data to enhance learner emotional well-being and teacher-student relationships."
Dr. Kripa Sundar, PhD.
Adult Educational Psychology

Key Features: Combating Burnout in Medical Education

Explore how DistrictZero's approach, grounded in Emotional Intelligence and advanced LLM technology, uniquely addresses burnout and improves the medical educational experience.

Safety Moderated 

AAMC-aligned survey schedules designed for resident outcomes.

Intervention Discussion Agenda Generator

On-demand agendas to reduce note-taking and unlock intervention convos.

Mentee Shared Action Plan

Built-in accountability to stay on track and keep mentors informed of progress.

Emotional Intelligence Analytics Dashboard

Privacy-focused emotional-intelligence (EI) insights based on trusted academic and scientific models.

Our Team

DistrictZero is driven by a diverse team of world-class technologists, esteemed researchers, and healthcare professionals, collectively advancing medical education.

Dr. Elle Yuan Wang, PhD.

AI Engineering Researcher
(Fractional Advisor)

Natasha Price

Product Designer

Uzair Hussain

Founder CEO, CTO

Rayyaan Nauman

Software Engineer

Dr. Kripa Sundar, PhD.

Adult Learning Researcher
(Fractional Advisor)

Arnit Gashi

Software Engineer

TK Kader

SaaS Go-to-Market
(Strategic Advisor)

William Wilson

General Counsel