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Manage emotions. Rebuild connection. Save time.

You're in good company.

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K-12 Teacher

Take back your time.

Classroom emotions for data-backed decisions.
You don't need another app that adds to workload. Set up group check-ins and walk away. Receive daily or weekly suggestions to enhance the classroom experience and build empathy. Totally free to get started.
K-12 Online Teacher

Efficacy for the digital classroom.

Measurements around the curriculum you already have.
Whether you are the lead teacher or the teacher's assistant, District Zero helps you understand the nuance between learner achievements. No change to curriculum required.
School Mental Health Professional

Cavalry has arrived.

Guide your populations on their journey to emotional management.
Support tickets are more critical than ever. It's difficult to build trust in mass populations. Partner with District Zero to empower your local leaders in best practices around MTSS and mental health.
Parent Guardian

You deserve a breather.

We help build routines for healthier children.
Healthy minds and bodies start at home. Empower your children with the tools to manage emotions and build empathy for their fellow citizen. We are here to help guide you and protect your child's information.

How it works

Social Emotional Check-ins

High performance check-ins without the fluff.

Our team of technologists, scientists, and educators have created high-performance check-ins for you. Start building empathy with your Learners as soon as tomorrow morning. Responses build depth over the course of first 10-days.
Sentiment Reports

Simple to understand so you don't need to be a data analyst.

Educators don't have time to analyze data through each check-in. With dynamic sentiment reporting, understand your Learners quickly so you can focus on building empathy around each individual's goals.
Blocker Resources

Qualified and curated SEL content to support each Learner.

District Zero offers over 600 curated learning videos within social and emotional learning and 21st century professional skills. With blockers extracted from each check-in, simply suggest a resource that will help your Learner regain focus.
Worldclass Support

We grow with your organization and classroom Learners.

Our team prides on high levels of empathy and agility. Wether it is a feature request or a critical bug resolve, we're here to listen. For enterprise accounts, we offer secure and encrypted 24/7 online support.
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“Teachers, administrators, and students; become more empowered around their learning.”

Peter Hostrawser
‍High School Department Chair