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Partner Testimonials

“With the situation we are in with the pandemic, many people are under a variety of stress levels. This would be a great opportunity to sort of see how are people doing”

Dr. Adrian Talley, Ed.D
Superintendent, Indian Prairie School District #204
Read more on Chicago Tribune

“District Zero created their logic model [theory of change] towards effectiveness informed by research in the learning sciences.”

Dr. Kripa Sundar, PhD
Founder, EdTech Recharge

“District Zero’s emotional learning tool gives leaders actionable insights and solutions to help learners who may be struggling.”

Rick Echevarria
VP Sales & Marketing, Intel Corporation
Read more on Intel Newsroom

“Through the use of machine learning and cloud-based sentiment analysis, District Zero provides actionable solutions to help regain focus, motivation and grit.”

Rachel Dreikosen
SLED Midwest, Intel Corporation