Unlock Your Child's Potential: Empower Elmhurst's Youth with Design-Thinking

Achieve professional skills in Artificial Intelligence, User-Experience Design, Software Development, Product Management, and so much more. Courses led by silicon-valley trained instructors. Now enrolling for in-person summer school in Elmhurst, Illinois.

or read about City of Naperville bicycle safety project

What you'll learn in this 30-day course

Introductory curriculum to understand 21st-century career requirements

Bad Habits

Learning Outcomes

Jumping to pre-mature conclusions
How to use the 5 stages of design-thinking
Remaining blocked with challenges
How to use generative-AI in problem-solving
Ignoring the underlying problem
How to think like a user-experience designer
Code complexity-syndrome
How to code like a full-stack software engineer
If I build it, they will come
How to be a digital or social media marketer
Micro-managing team members
How to lead cross-functional product teams
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Work Seat

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About the Instructor

Uzair is the founder and CEO of DistrictZero, an advanced technology corporation that delivers whole-learner capabilities to global citizens.

Uzair is a silicon-valley trained product leader with over 15 years of experience. Uzair's strengths are in user-experience (UX) design, cross-functional product management, and strategic business development. Uzair is able to code, design, empathize, and stay current with emerging technology.

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Social Resiliency
  • Previously taught at General Assembly, Indian Prairie Still Middle School, Glenbard East High School, Amos Alonzo Stagg High School, and many more.

  • Acquired over 5-million users, shipped over 500  features, and proved net-promoter-score (NPS) over 87.

  • Previously worked at Apple, General Assembly, Innit, TAG Heuer, and many more.


Our instructors are full-time practitioners that bring industry knowledge directly to the classroom.

I found the problem (bike safety in Naperville Illinois) and he planned the solution. Uzair taught my class every morning for 10 days. He treated the students like designers and they responded by providing the City with several viable options for reducing crashes at trail/road intersections.

Patty Hicks

Technology Design Teacher / IPSD204

I had the privilege to work with Uzair on a 10 day session in a Computer Science Discoveries course at Glenbard East High School. Uzair brought in a unique lesson build around the design thinking process. His persistence and drive to improve the students learning environment through social emotional learning strategies is unprecedented. Uzair is a team player who is concerned about helping others. His communication, teamwork, and presentations were top notch.

Peter Hostrawser

Business Teacher / D230

Uzair not only knows his stuff when it comes to product, he's a passionate evangelist for the best and most effective product management and development methods. Uzair has a gift for taking a roomful of people at vastly different levels and adapting to each individual's needs so that nobody feels either left behind or too far ahead.

Abbie Moore

COO / Petco Love

He's been able to take an idea from concept to one of the most highly rated and more importantly, loved apps by its users. He not only possesses skills as a Product Manager, but he's also a great leader that is able to get people involved with a product excited about its prospects.

Raj Bhardwaj

Human Interface / Apple

I am always so impressed by Uzair's calm and calculated way of leading a team and building products. He cares so deeply about everyone involved and gives everyone room to be themselves. At the same time he understands the dynamics of a business and how to make products useful and profitable.

Yasi Chehroudi

Group Product Manager / Teachable

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